When the audio is Tamil and you need the transcript in German



An Optimized and Perfected Process  

Everybody promises fast, high quality work. But you know what they don't offer? Something so innovative and optimized that we had to invent a new service - direct bilingual transcriptions. 
Ordinarily, transcriptions from one language into another have to first be written down in the original – source – language, and then translated into the target language.We optimize the process.
Our transcribers are bilingual and directly transcribe audio files into the target language.


Specialists in Bilingual Transcriptions

We don't see it as just another project. You'll have a dedicated project manager that you can speak to anytime about special or unusual transcription requirements and we will build a solution around your needs.
Results speak for themselves - we have 7 years experience in the industry and are highly rated by our clients.


Pay Less for High Quality

Optimized processes at Tandem Transcriptions means faster project turnaround, lower prices, and tasks of any volume are completed with ease.
We have pricing options to suit every need - summary, standard, or verbatim.
With Tandem Transcriptions, you will get expert German quality work at  low South African prices. We only hire transcribers that have gone through a vigorous selection process and your projects are checked by a minimum of 3 sets of eyes. 


Translations, transcriptions, proof-reading & more

We are a proud part of Talentpool Solutions! Contact our colleagues at MSS Cape Town to get the same high quality at low prices should your needs be concerning monolingual transcriptions, translations, editing, coding or any other language service.


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